Steeping Times

While it's easy to brew tea, there is an art to it.  Tea infusions or tisanes, are actually hot water extractions of herbs.

While brewing, cover your tea cup and allow the herbs to steep.  Covering your tea cup insures warmth, a full extraction and that the essential oils of the herbs (which are very beneficial) stay in the cup.

When compared to tea bags, loose tea can be made either stronger or lighter in taste depending on how you like to brew your tea. It's important to add the right amount of loose tea to obtain that perfect tea taste.

Typically, one level teaspoon of loose tea is recommended per 6 oz. cup. You can alter the amount according to your taste by adding less or more next time.

Every type of tea has an optimum water temperature for brewing and a time range for steeping that allows for maximum flavor without bitterness.

Generally, young teas like white or green tea, should be brewed with lower temperature water so that their delicate flavor compounds are not damaged. Teas that have been fermented, like black or oolong, can withstand more heat and the higher temperatures help extract the complex flavors.

Likewise, brewing times for each tea vary. Some teas will get bitter if left to steep too long while others can steep indefinitely.

Tea Brewing Times and Temperatures

Tea Type                     Fahrenheit                Brewing Time

White Tea                        155ºF                            1-2 min.

Green Tea                        175ºF                            1-2 min.

Oolong Tea                    175-185ºF                       2-3 min.

Black Tea                         210ºF                           2-3 min.

Herbal Tea                      210ºF                            3-6 min.

During your wait, you might enjoy taking a moment to stretch, meditate or check in with your body's needs. Tea time is an opportunity to take a break and enjoy self-care.